Kenny B

Kenny B (band nickname – Kenquin)

Keyboard (Korg M1), saxes (tenor – alto – soprano), flute, violin, guitars (classical – Gibson 12 string), pipes (penny whistles) and harps (harmonicas)

Ken’s first instrument is the flute which he has played for more than 40 years. So far he has played flute in 17 countries. He always takes his flute on his travels. You never know when an opportunity may arise to jam!

Playing music with fellow musicians has always been Ken’s passion – a family thing.

Ken’s love of music is in the genes passed down from his mother who was a classically trained pianist and opera singer at the Northern School of Music. On his father’s side, Ken’s grandmother used to accompany silent movies on the piano at the local cinema

At 12, Ken took piano lessons but hated daily practice – much to the annoyance of his mother. Today, he could practice all day much to the annoyance of his wife!

Keeping it in the family, the musical genes have also passed down to his son, who is both an accomplished drummer and guitarist, his eldest grandson (7) is now learning to play violin and the youngest (3) enjoys drumming.

Ken was introduced to jamming and entertaining when he joined the merchant navy as a cadet in 1966.

In the evenings, when not on duty or not feeling seasick, he would jam in the bar with the ship’s carpenter who was an excellent guitarist and folk singer from Cornwall.

He recalls that they played lots of Adge Cutler and the Wurzels songs and some rather naughty rugby songs. The ship would carry up to 12 passengers. What a wonderful relaxing way to travel!!


His first instrument was a banjo ukulele which he rescued from the attic and restored before leaving for his next voyage.

In 1967, on a voyage to South America, he bought his first guitar for a packet of cigarettes from a banana trader sat in a canoe alongside in Guayaquil bay, Ecuador. We exchanged goods and payment via a bucket on a long rope.

He bought a Gibson 12 string guitar in 1969 and his first flute in 1975 whilst living in Southport, Merseyside.

Later, during a career as a freelance IT consultant, when travelling, he always took his beloved flute with him ready to jam at anytime anywhere.  If I can put it back together again..!!

Ken and family moved to Munich in 1983 and Portugal in 1998.

In 2018, Ken met and jammed with Tim, Dave and Roy (Rockhopper) at the Sunday Jam session at Casa Algarve, Porches in Portugal.

He was invited to join the Rockhopper Band in 2019. Given the band’s huge repertoire of songs and diversity of genre, he now gets to play with all his musical toys!


In 2012, he had the opportunity to record Simon and Garfunkel’s “Scarborough Fare” instrumental at the Abbot Street Studios in Hackney, London:




During his travels, here are just some of the memorable bands and wonderful musicians he has accompanied:

Pure Floyd (Welsh Floyd) – Pink Floyd tribute band (Colin, Pete, Ian and Steph)


Liberty Church Johanesburg South Africa

Jamming with Bobby Stardust (Dave) at the Jailhouse Carvoeiro

The bar has now changed hands. Mark Cactus is an excellent guitar player and entertainer. Do check-it-out via the link below

Resident Brazilian Trio – Ipanema’s @ Marriott Hotel, Doha Qatar

Bruna Santana – Sami Tarik – Diego Francisco

Herron Brothers